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Calvary Fellowship Baptist Church

Vacation Bible School!

From June 5th thru 9th

If you have ever retreated deep into the ocean on a scuba diving trip, embarked on a snorkeling adventure, or just walked through an aquarium, you have seen the depths of God's power, love, and creativity on display.

Emerald green water . . . pristine white sand on the ocean floor . . . countless species of fish brilliantly arrayed in every color of His rainbow . . . shells of every size, shape, and description . . . creatures like starfish, stingrays, sea horses, and manatee that nearly defy description.

All of this beauty! All of the ocean's grandeur made by His hand-exclusively for us. Surely, we can trust our all-powerful God with every fiber of our being.

We invite you and your children to join us in exploring the treasures of God's love and power as we embark on The Fantastic Good News Ocean Odyssey™: Diving into the Depths of God's Faithfulness. Our mission is to make sure children understand they can live according to the VBS 2000 Motto: Dive In! Depend on God's Faithfulness. So adjust your fins and mask, and get set for the VBS adventure of a lifetime! It's a fun-filled dive and new millennium thrill ride into the amazing depths of God's love and faithfulness for everyone-preschoolers, children, youth and adults.

Meeting at
North Pointe
Elementary School

3200 Almond Creek Drive
(Near Space Center & Clear Lake City Blvd.)

June 5th thru 9th
There is no charge to register,
but enrollment is limited, so call
Brian at 281-480-0495 TODAY!