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Calvary Fellowship of Clear Lake, TX
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The group of people that has come together to form Calvary Fellowship holds certain common beliefs. We share these beliefs with other Christians around the world. Our church vision, which provides the foundation for all of our church actions, springs directly from our belief in God and his relationship to us as human beings.

The Word section of our site explores our beliefs and our vision.

As Christians, we are commanded to put our faith into action. To follow Christ requires doing and not merely hearing. One of the reasons people come together to form a church is to assist each other in obediently following Christ's instructions.

The Deed section of our site explores our actions.

Finally, we offer links to additional resources on the web and a guestbook where you can record your comments.

Calvary Fellowship
Dr. Brett Dutton, Pastor
1001 Pineloch Drive, Suite 600
Houston, Texas 77062
Phone: 281-480-0495
Fax: 281-480-7906

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