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Our Church Vision

Our vision is to share God's love with the unchurched people of the Clear Lake Community in such a way that they have the greatest opportunity to become fully developing followers of Christ. We are a community of people who are passionately in love with Jesus Christ, and as a result, we are different to make a difference for many in the Clear Lake area.

  • We are we take God's contagious and transforming love in practical ways to all kinds of people so that they might come to know Christ.
  • We are we share God's unchanging truth with changing generations using approaches that will enable them to reach their full potential in Christ.
  • We are we learn to walk with God and adjust our lives to Him, we are awakened to the satisfying presence and dynamic power of Christ.
  • We are we connect with others, people will be encouraged, equipped and empowered to fulfill their unique purposes in Christ.

VisionPath - Priorities

There are three priorities in 1998 that must be accomplished for our vision and God-sized goal to become a reality:

  • A strong prayer base must be established.

    Prayer is essential for knowing and doing God's will and must be the foundation of everything we do.

    We will know this has happened when. . .

    • 75% of our people are committed to our prayer ministry (i.e. 5:3 Tribe, Prayer Gathering, Prayer Chain, Prayer walks, etc.)
    • significant time and energy is given to prayer before decisions are made
    • all ministry efforts will be covered in prayer

  • The vision and God-sized goal must be personalized by every member.

    It is essential that every member feel a sense of personal ownership of the vision and begin to live it out in their lives.

    We will know this has happened when. . .

    • a clear understanding of the vision becomes a prerequisite for membership at Calvary Fellowship
    • 90% of our people affirm the vision as their own
    • 75% of our people intentionally develop relationships with lost people in order to share the gospel
    • 75% of our people participate in small groups
    • 75% of our people are committed to a ministry responsibility
    • 75% of our people participate in a systematic process for growing disciples

  • The congregational systems must support our vision.

    As God fulfills his vision in us and we grow in size, changes to systems and structure are necessary to maintain effective communication, decision-making, accountability and support.

    We will know this has happened when. . .

    • the church's decision-making processes are clearly defined and understood
    • pastors, staff, lay-leaders and members are accountable to someone within the church
    • leadership expectations and job descriptions are clearly defined and leaders are committed to them
    • an ongoing system exists for developing leaders
    • caregiving is provided by lay people through small groups
    • ministry responsibility is balanced with the authority to make ministry decisions
    • thos involved in the decision-making explore assumptions and alternatives
    • our people have the opportunity to influence decisions
    • decisions are clear and actions are achievable
    • decisions are broadly communicated
    • the parties involved are committed to the decisions that are made

Calvary Fellowship
Dr. Brett Dutton, Pastor
1001 Pineloch Drive, Suite 600
Houston, Texas 77062
Phone: 281-480-0495
Fax: 281-480-7906

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