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Lenten Cross



The theme of the season of Lent is repentance and humility before God. During this season Christians often emphasize prayer, fasting, and charitable deeds as they focus on preparing their hearts for the joy of Easter.


Lent begins on the seventh Wednesday preceding Easter Sunday (Ash Wednesday) and ends on the Saturday before Easter.
  • Seventh Wednesday before Easter - Ash Wednesday
  • Thursday before Easter - Maundy Thursday
  • Friday before Easter - Good Friday
  • Saturday before Easter - Holy Saturday


Lent is traditionally observed with the color Purple. Purple represents both the pain and suffering Christ experienced as he approached the crucifixion as well as the suffering of all humanity under sin. Purple also represents royalty, which foreshadows the resurrection.

More Information

Visit these sites to learn more about the significance of Lent and how to celebrate this church season with your family:
  • The Season of Lent by Dennis Bratcher
    This site includes some great information about how evangelical Christians can incorporate meaningful celebrations of the church seasons into church and family worship times.

  • The Season of Lent by Ken Collins
    More information about the meaning of the season and its history.

  • Season of Lent, Year B
    Weekly scripture readings from the Revised Common Lectionary

  • Easter and Lent
    Links to online resources for Easter and Lent, from

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